Friday, May 16, 2008

Humpback Whales: No Longer Useless

At last, something worth knowing has been gleaned from allowing humpback whales to survive to the present day. Biologist Frank Fish noticed the serrations along the edges of their fins and, upon further study,

discovered that these bumps, called tubercles, are this creature's secret weapon, allowing a whale the size of a school bus to make tight turns and capture prey with astonishing agility.

Fish, a biology professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, is now using this technology perfected by nature to produce fans with serrated blades that use 20 percent less electricity than traditional models. This finding contradicts conventional designs that strive for the smoothest possible edges.
It's safe to say the Intelligent Designer's intended purpose for these creatures, more efficient fan blades, has been fulfilled.

Another Mysterious Way™ successfully parsed. Now, onward ho to extinction!

(H/T Bouphonia)


Phila said...

Well, to be fair, they are edible. Outside of being used in the manufacture of weapons, that's about as useful as an animal can get!

Dale said...

Phila, you're right! It's such a good thing the people of Japan have finally solved the vexing problem of what kind of meat to feed to all those dogs. Nothing (and I mean nothing) was sadder than the sight of all those involuntarily vegetarian Japanese dogs making Sally Struthers cry on the tee-vee.

And finally, a source of protein for Japanese children!

Truly heartwarming.

Thanks for the links and thanks for stopping by. I love your blog except that it makes my blog seem like a piece of crap.