Saturday, May 3, 2008


The available evidence suggests Portland-area resident Wendy Terris is in excellent physical condition:

Terris, a Gresham High School graduate, competed in the U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in Boston on Sunday, April 20, and the next day at the 112th running of the Boston Marathon.

“I never thought it was odd, but a lot of people started calling me about it,” Terris explained last week, a few days after returning from the East Coast.
I saw those women flying through the streets during the latter stages of the Olympic trials, and to think that one of them did that, and then ran another marathon the next morning ... I'm close to cramping up just thinking about it.

I think I've seen her name well above mine in rankings of local races now and then. Maybe I've even seen her among the runners who quickly disappear over the horizon before me during races, the ones who make me wonder if what I am doing actually counts as running.

Her finish time in the Boston was "only" 27 minutes and change ahead of mine, so obviously I'd need her to run a few extra marathons in the days before, or hop along in a potato sack, or run pushing the Doyle Owl on an appliance cart, to even things out.


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