Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Which I 'Go Hollywood' In Pursuit of Crap

Sigh. The script inside Sharon Stone's celebrity-bubble inspired her to render a Hagee-Wright-style theological pronouncement linking the recent earthquakes in China with China's repression of Tibet. In place of unhinged Christianity, Stone's divinations came with the trappings of the half-assed Buddhism she has picked up from, I don't know, an adaptation of a Herman Hesse novel she turned down back when people still tried talking her into appearing in movies:

I thought, 'Is that karma?' When you are not nice, bad things happen to you.
I can't improve on Ophelia Benson's response to this insipid twaddle:
Yeah, that's what it is all right. All those schoolchildren crushed under their schools, all their teachers, all their parents; they were all unkind to the Tibetans; China's policy toward Tibet is of course decided by schoolchildren among others.
Meanwhile, a few notches down the stupid pole, but still quite respectably stupid: Susan Sarandon is threatening to leave the USA if McSame is elected. Look, I don't want John McSame elected either, and I enjoy Sarandon's acting, but does the prospect of Susan Sarandon leaving the United States really trouble anyone? Anyone at all? Even Susan Sarandon herself? Is she someone's sine qua non, the canary in someone's mine, someone's last teetering domino? Is she, for anyone, the person whose unrenounced US citizenship keeps the USA just barely on the good side of a thin line of the tolerable? Would Tim Robbins even follow her out of the country if she left?

OK, I've dished on Hollywood a little. It's out of my system for a good long while, I hope.

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