Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Internets Have Spoken -- "Columbus"

Columbus the catSigh. The cat's name shall be ... Columbus. Acting in his capacity as li'l Cheney, my son cast the deciding vote to break a 9-9 tie in favor of "Columbus," giving it a one-vote plurality over over "Get off the table." The winning cat name finished three votes ahead of my favorite, "Drake." I feel like the li'l Bernie Sanders of this cat-naming Senate -- full of conviction but born to the wrong hour of history.

The one vote margin of victory should stand as a ringing validation of all the things your civics teacher -- in my case, Wayne "Four Pockets" McCarty -- told you about the importance of voting: namely, that it is fucking futile. This was the clear subtext of what he/she read to you from the teacher's edition of the textbook in a dispirited, sleepy, possibly drunken monotone, and it was right.

Still, thanks for voting.


mikesdak said...

That frees me to rename my humble blog Sir Licks-His-Crotch.....on second thoth, it's probably taken.

mikesdak said...

argh!...on second THOUGHT... I must have been distracted by that crotch licking.