Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Latest Profile in Cowardice

Sheesh, these are getting dull. Another Bush flack has found courage, decency, and a sense of public service a few weeks after leaving office. This time it's Scott McClellan, and the specifics more or less write themselves in the pages of another unreadable post-retirement tell-all book:

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan writes in a surprisingly scathing memoir to be published next week that President Bush “veered terribly off course,” was not “open and forthright on Iraq,” and took a “permanent campaign approach” to governing at the expense of candor and competence.
Yawn. Pusillanimous backbenchers who were, it turns out, wracked with anguished doubts throughout their years of craven service to Bush-Cheney have proven themselves cockroach-common of late. They're sure to multiply over the next several months, as the blessed end of the junta nears, and the courage to speak truth to power desire for book sales swells in the breasts of former Bush sycophants.

They keep writing the same book over and over. Who buys this dreck?

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