Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like Dinosaur Tracks in Yemen

Somewhere there's the end of a downright charming and endlessly useful simile in that phrase, but for now, it will just have to refer to these actual dinosaur tracks discovered in Yemen. Afarensis has a write-up of the write-up.

I spent most of my childhood going around bends expecting, with less and less confidence as the years passed, that I'd come across a set of ancient dinosaur tracks. I never found any dinosaur tracks, just lots of wasps, ticks, spiders, chiggers, prairie dogs, fire ants, and every other creature listed on this Terrible Fauna of Oklahoma web page.

I should have checked Yemen.


Bpaul said...

I had similar thoughts as a child.

Oh, and I think Australia takes your home state for dangerous fauna:

... just sayin.


Dale said...

Bpaul, you're absolutely right. I consider it a small miracle that people live out entire normal human life spans in Australia. Name almost any animal, and an Australian can answer with "we have something very much like that in our country. And it can kill you."