Friday, May 9, 2008

McSame's Gallery of Crazy Pastors

John McSame has a few crazy pastors in tow.

  • McSame has a longstanding association with dominionist wacko Pastor Rod Parsley, who believes, among other things, that destroying Islam is one of the foundational purposes of the USA.
  • McSame has received and accepted the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee, who believes, among other things, that god used hurricane Katrina to drown old women because he was outraged about gays. Hagee also believes the Catholic Church is "the great whore," whether or not he believes it is the world's leading institutional shielder of child-rapists.
  • McSame has earned and embraced the endorsement of Pat Robertson, who, two days after 9/11, agreed with Jerry Falwell that god allowed the attack -- the crushing and burning of a few thousand individuals, many of them practicing Christians -- to express a tantrum over assorted moral transgressions in the larger society (not necessarily the transgressions of the individuals crushed and burned).
McSame may or may not have sat in the pews as these bigoted beasts railed on in this fashion. No, it's worse than that: they connect their twisted theology with a definite political program, and see McSame as the presidential candidate of choice to advance that political-theological agenda, crucially on the question of judicial nominees.

More background on Pastor Rod Parsley:

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Here's the Daily Show's take, featuring the hilarious John Hodgman, mashed together with some more Olbermann coverage of Hagee and some of Obama's specific repudiations of his unhinged former pastor:

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