Saturday, May 10, 2008

Musical Coincidences

Someone with the screen name danceswithanxiety has posted a muxtape featuring many songs I really like. Neat!


Laura said...


These were all new to me, except for Monade "Regarde," which you had posted a few days ago.

On first listen, I immediately didn't hate The Arcade Fire's "Ocean of Noise," and The National's "Slow Show." Then I had to listen again. I had to. That's when "Pale Green Things" grabbed me upon hearing lines like, "I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away."

This 'danceswithanxiety' character has an ear for good music. And muxtape is a good thing to know about.

Dale said...

Laura, I'm glad you found stuff to like there.

The Arcade Fire song was just one of any of a few dozen I could have made -- they make few bad songs, but at the same time, they operate best on the level of the album rather than the single.

It's similar with Monade. I like that song but it's not fully representative. Part of the issue is the 10MB limit for file size, which is why there isn't a Stephen Malkmus song in the muxtape. I could dumb down the sampling rate to make a smaller file size, but I can't bring myself to do that.

The Mountain Goats have their highs and their lows. They are definitely album-oriented rather than single-oriented. This is one of their really great songs, in my view.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!