Thursday, May 22, 2008

Personages on the Mattering Map

Here's Ophelia Benson in an interview with The Freethinker:

I’m not sure I really have anything as grand as a personal philosophy – I think I have more of a methodology. It could be boiled down to not wanting to be taken for a sucker, or in more philosophical language, to a dislike of bullshit. I hate dishonest manipulative language of all sorts, and I spend a lot of time sniffing it out and then making fun of it.

But on the affirmative side, I am in favour or a lot of things, if that adds up to a philosophy. It might be more what the philosopher Rebecca Goldstein in her novel The Mind-body Problem called a mattering map. Freedom and autonomy matter to me, as do rights. So do poetry, music, starry nights. Like Richard Rorty trying to unite Trotsky and wild orchids, I’m not sure how to connect the two – so I just put them on the mattering map.
The world needs more Ophelia Bensons, but until cloning science makes that possible, make sure the one Ophelia Benson we have is on your mattering map. She blogs at the Notes and Comment section of Butterflies and Wheels, and writes in other venues as well.

Dear gawd what a fan-boy I've become. If the shoe fits ...

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