Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Pope on the Birds & Bees

Celibacy doesn't stop the Pope from having all kinds of insights about sex; in fact, since he can't do it, what else can he do but talk about it?

Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday acknowledged that the Vatican's teaching against birth control was difficult as he praised a 1968 Church document that condemned contraception.

Pope Benedict expressed concern that human life risks losing its value in today's culture.

In a speech marking the 40th anniversary of the document, Benedict reiterated the Church's ban against artificial birth control as well as more recent teaching against using artificial procreation methods.
Would it be gauche to suggest the ban on contraception adds to the church's child-rape problem since condoms can reduce the odds of transmitting certain diseases? I'd prefer that child rapists at least have the decency to avoid spreading diseases to their victims.

(Yes, as I read over the previous paragraph, I realize I have been gauche. I should resume pretending that child rape has nothing to do with Ratzinger or the Catholic Church. I hereby pledge not to dwell on the Catholic Church's child-rape problem for at least the three posts after this one. I might even go as high as four or five posts.)

But I see that I am hoisted by my own petard: I am a person who refuses to rape children or facilitate others' acts of child rape, and yet I presume to speak about it.


mikesdak said...

It seems to me that birth control increases the value of human life, since a world with widely available contraception would have fewer "accidents", and new babies would be born because they were desired rather than because someone else said not to prevent it.

It should also be kept in mind that the Pope has a selfish interest in this, as more Catholic babies are needed to keep the church going.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, what does this numbnut that has never had sex know about sex. Go get laid if anything will fuck your sorry ass and get back to me about the EVIL of sex. Then get back to me on how many children you have raped.

Anonymous said...

Its rather bizarre isnt it.

In every other area of life if you want to gain instruction, advice and knowledge you go to someone who really knows what he or she is talking about. Someone who has walked the walk or really mastered the topic in question.

Yet this chap and his fellow celibates have never done "it". That is engaged in a sexual relationship and all of the difficulies that such engagement brings up.

And then somehow they presume to offer advice and guidance re sexual matters.