Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Portland's 90-Minute Springtime

I hope all my fellow Puddle-Townies enjoyed today's hour and a half of Spring, that brief window inbetween this morning's chilly drizzles and tomorrow's projected daytime highs in the 90s. Ah, sweet Spring.

I spent the better part of my Spring riding home on the MAX, and truly Spring was in the air -- the silence of the nonexistent bees, the two teenage girls yelling a conversation about the disappointments of cell phone batteries, the MAX pilot's mumbly announcement that he'd be powering off the MAX train for a moment and then restarting it, the tickle of anticipation that the train would stall and leave us midway between stops, rendering us the helpless prey to coyotes emboldened by the season, the beelessness, and the smell of fear mingled with body odor. And then I fell asleep.

Spring is awesome. Cue Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, but play it fast.


mikesdak said...

I saw an Anthony Bourdain TV show from Portland the other day. he went to Apizza Scholls and Voodoo Doughnuts, and took a quick look that the old tunnels underneath the city. Unfortunately he only spent half the show there. He went to Seattle for the other half.

Dale said...

I wish I had caught that -- maybe I'll see it in re-runs. I always hear about Voodoo Donuts and supposedly I only work a few blocks from there but somehow I've never been there.

The Portland underground has a scary history. Oh the mischief that has been made with it! "Mischief" doesn't quite capture it, actually. But it's interesting, that's for sure.