Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Predictions. Yawn.

Matt Yglesias predicts all too faithfully the arc of events and the associated news coverage for the next several days in campaign '08:

Clinton will win Indiana and Obama will win North Carolina. But Clinton will win Indiana by a larger margin than Obama wins North Carolina, and Clinton's supporters will note in somber tones that Obama lost the white vote in NC. At the same time, because NC has substantially more delegates than Indiana, Obama will actually make a small gain in net delegates causing his supporters (i.e. me) to become further enraged at Clinton's refusal to admit that she's lost and the press' insistence on indulging the idea that there's real doubt about the ultimate outcome.
Actually this prediction is more detailed and even more spot-on.


mikesdak said...

As of 10:51 pm your time, CNN shows Obama walking away with North Carolina and Clinton barely squeaking by in Indiana, with a preliminary count showing Obama increasing his lead by 12 delegates.

Overall, almost exactly was predicted weeks ago before the media blather.

Dale said...

Obama crushed her in NC, she squeaked by in IN, he added to his delegate lead and popular vote lead. Do we dare hope to suggest the end is nigh? In reality, the end has been nigh since February, when the math was established in its current shape, but will the talking heads face the reality?