Friday, May 30, 2008

Price Ceiling?

I say if the gas pumps can't spin fast enough to display the dollar amount corresponding to the amount of gas pumped, then this represents a natural ceiling beyond which gas prices simply cannot go.

While gasoline is still dispensed at no more than 10 gallons a minute, higher prices mean the mechanical equipment must spin faster to keep up, leading to more problems.

“When gas was a dollar a gallon, the penny wheel went to a dollar in one minute,” Mr. Renkes said. “But anything that goes four times faster is going to wear out quicker.”
Freezing the price will preserve these older gas pumps from wear and tear. I would hate to see the old gas pumps go -- they're so charming! Save the old pumps! Freeze gas prices!

But alas, we go to the roads with the rapacious oil companies we have, not with the ones we'd like to have.

(H/T Sullivan)

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