Monday, May 5, 2008

Sam Harris Has Questions

Sam Harris is conducting what appears to be an interesting study about the nature of belief and would like your help:

[W]e need volunteers to help us refine our experimental stimuli. This promises to be the first study of religious faith at the level of the brain. By responding to the four surveys I have posted online, you can make an enormous contribution to this work.

Please answer as many of the surveys as you can. If you only have time to answer one, please choose at random (otherwise, we will have many more responses to the first than to the others).
Here are links to the four surveys:

Belief Survey A
Belief Survey B
Belief Survey C
Belief Survey D

I plan to do all of them, but so far I've only done A. It indicated it would take 15 minutes, but I blew through it in less than half that.

Do it because you support science! Do it because you support the troops! Do it because you love your family and your pets! Do it because some blog asked you to!


Laura said...

Alright already! I'll do it! I'll do it! :-)

Dale said...

I know Sam Harris thanks you, Laura. I made my way through all four at last ... some funny questions in there!