Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Pet Blogging: Meet Columbus

A whole new cat has been added to the household biomass, tentatively named "Columbus" by my son after his penchant for exploring his new habitation. I am holding out hope that we can edit that name with the passage of time, but I suppose it could be worse. "Blacky" or "Socks" would have been worse.

His ears are too big for his head, and his head is too big for his body. In short, I believe his ears are already fully-grown.

I hope he turns out to be as intelligent and perceptive as our previous tuxedo cat, Thelma. I think I hope that.

He's mercilessly adorable.


Sis B said...


And I think it's a shame when you have to post pictures of cute little kitties to elicit comments. :)

Dale said...

Sis B -- hey, whatever works!

Laura said...

Welcome to Columbus! Right now, his name seems too big for him, but I'm sure he'll grow into it.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

We have the same sort of dilemma. A very adorable young adult gray fluffy kitty who is now eighth of eight.

We thought he was a she at first, and The Wife™ insisted on "Felicity" (no, not in honor of the TV show).

Then she got a better look at the gonads and figured out that she was a he, so it's Octavius – in order of the eighth. Trouble with that is, it's hard to get in the habit of saying, and I'm still not buying the short forms we've worked out – notably, Tayvee.

For his first initial, I've been calling him "The O Boy", or "The Big O" (and before (or hell, whilst) anyone sniggers, when I was growing up, "The Big O" didn't mean its current prurient meaning. Heck, there used to be a family restaurant in downtown Corvalls called The Big O (after OSU, of course))

So settling on a name for that new kitty ... no, no picnic.

But that picture did give me a case of Type 22 Diabetes. Cuuuuute! Who can deny a kitten?

Dale said...

Well, I can't deny a kitten. He already owns me.

I'm working on diminuitives ... Columbo, Clem, Clam, Clum, Bus ... but the name will work itself out.

I'm glad to say the two cats are getting along well already.