Thursday, May 29, 2008

Teutonic Lugubriousness

I don't know if Werner Herzog is playing the part of an overly-dramatic, depressive German guy in this clip, or if this is just Werner being Werner and revealing himself to be precisely that genuine article. I don't want to know which, I just love it.

I have this same clip in audio MP3 format and, once upon a time, developed the habit of attaching it to otherwise somber business e-mails and claiming I had done so by mistake.

(H/T Altering Labyrinth)


Bpaul said...

That was the most hilarious stuff I've heard in weeks. Thanks so much.

Talk about projecting your stuff on the environment -- what a pure depiction of that, absolutely hilarious.

Putting qualifiers like fornication and misery on a natural system is just so intellectually untenable it gives me a belly laugh.

I think this type of talk and thinking is a good example of a finely developed intellect with a grossly undeveloped emotional intelligence.

Herzog is no dummy, but he's missing some huge things here, that's about the only way I can figure it. If you're anthro-centric, or especially solipsistic, then this type of reaction makes sense to me -- but it's such an intensely limited vision.

Great stuff, thanks again for the laugh.


Dale said...

Yup. Getting carried away with things is Werner H's stock-in-trade. Watching the line between reality and exaggeration, and wondering if Werner H. can see the same line (or any version of it) is the fun of it.

I was glad to see this pop into view.

downstreamer said...

Werner is never far away from self-parody, and I'm sure he knows it. There's this, from Grizzly Man:

"I believe the common character of the universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility, and murder."

So .... at least he's consistent over the years!