Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Emotions Blogging

Today's news provides reasons for these emotional states and many more:

  • Sad: most species of shark face extinction from overfishing, including such frequent shark documentary protagonists as whale sharks, great white sharks, blue sharks, whitetip sharks, and my personal favorite, makos.
  • Mad: Alaska's governor is working hard to ensure that polar bears are not listed as threatened species because this would inconvenience the state's oil and natural gas industries. Asshole.
  • Glad: Ford is cutting back production of SUVs and other gigantic, gas-guzzling trucks. This gives them less reason to oppose improved fuel economy standards, yes?.
  • Confused: Scientists have found a "frogamander" (Gerobatrachus hottoni) fossil in exactly the place in the geological strata where evolutionary theory would predict the presence of fossilized froggish salamanders or fossilized salamanderish frogs. Whuh? Didn't Ben Stein and assorted other lying crackpots disprove evolution?


Bpaul said...

I dig this posting style, I feel the same way most days when I sit down to figure out how and what I'm going to post.

Very cool.


Dale said...

I like it too -- sometimes making a list is so much easier than trying to make a narrative.

I may or may not do the exact thing again or it may become a regular thingy.

Who knows where the mood swings will take me? Or any of us?

Happy blogging!