Saturday, May 3, 2008

Visions of George W. Bush

On one reading of George W. Bush, whatever minor interest he took in the presidency of the USA was exhausted at the moment his 2004 victory over John Kerry was certified, as that marked the moment when he was assured of the second term his father failed to win or to attain by judical fiat. I don't wholly subscribe to that reading of George W. Bush, but it fits the available facts better than many alternate accounts, chiefly the one that depicts him as the successor to the lineage of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Churchill, men who answered the defining challenges of their times with courage, conviction, insight, and an above-average knack for grammar.

I tend to the view that he's a lucky dumbass well out of his league, but a dumbass buoyed by the passions of partisan politics and the shallowness of contemporary media, a view that might find support in this recent statement:

[W]e wanted to make sure that people were encouraged to be consumers. We wanted there to be consumption in our society, and no better way to stimulate consumption than to let you have some of your own money back.

... it turns out that this money is going to be very helpful in helping people deal with high energy prices and food price.
Whatever place the phrase "very helpful in helping people" finds in the annals of rhetoric, for now it exemplifies the way our so-called president martials a combination of audacious bullshit and verbal gaffes in the way that a military jet expels chaff, as a means of paralyzing adversaries by presenting too many targets. Witness:
  • Consumption is an unqualified good, and we in the tee-vee audience are consumers first and foremost. Never mind that all the money we are spending on gasoline already counts as consumption and already, in the minds of most, belongs to the "wrong track" side of the ledger. Never mind a goddamn thing. Now watch this drive!
  • The prospect of getting some of "our own money" back for the sake of signing it over to oil companies and food producers only sounds like a bad thing. Running harder to avoid being thrown from a treadmill we already resent is good.
In fairness, I don't expect the president of the USA to guarantee cheap gasoline or corn. I do expect him not to be a petulant, semiliterate retard who lives in a bubble and has never given a damn about public policy.

As of this writing, we have 261 days to go before Bush leaves office.



Stephanie said...

The supposed leader of the free world cannot even phrase a sentence correctly. He was an odd choice for president and I hope your nation, and my cultural mecca, replaces him soon.

On a second note, the Australian media presents the rivalry between Democrat candidates as bitter and heated. Is this the case? Are you happy with the presidential candidates?

Dale said...

Stephanie, I think the heat and tension between the two Democratic candidates is overplayed for the sake of drama (ratings, readership, etc.). In any case, I don't truly care what the two think of each other. Any such concern is swamped by the much larger concern of who will be the next president. We can't afford another presidency like Bush's. McSame has to lose.

I am happy with the candidates but there is one too many. The one who has already lost needs to drop out. She gave it a good run but needs to face the reality, IMO.