Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ways of Figuring Things Out

Here's PZ Myers, one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad scientists who won't hush up about the undeniable conflict between reality and bullshit:

[T]he line separating science and religion is not a false one. That is ultimately the actual, central source of the conflict: how are you going to figure out how the world works, from inquiry into natural causes, or from metaphysics, superstition, and evidence-free revelation? That is a significant piece, even the central piece, of this long-running argument in our culture.
This conflict cannot be wished away.

A semi-related addendum: PZ Myers gives a wonderful explanation of how chromosome numbers can change. I link to it because it's just a small illustration of what a valid explanation looks like, and demonstrates how knowledge and insight come from the diligent work of actual scientists. In this it is vividly distinct from the offerings of creationists / ID enthusiasts, whose flat, monotonous non-answers come sooner or later to "god did it."

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