Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Headless Chicken Gay Marriage Blogging

As previously mentioned, Dinesh D'Souza is terribly upset that judges have presumed to favor gays with the right to marry in the state of California, notwithstanding the fact that gays have sexual impulses of which he disapproves! This is how they dare, answers Ed Brayton, seconded by yours truly.

The bad idea blog, while agreeing with the ruling overall, responds to D'Souza's slippery-slope-to-polygamy line of argument and finds comfort in Dale Carpenter's assurances that, alas, we shall find our footing on the slope before reaching that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad point.

Hold on, answers Russell Blackford: so what if the ruling does entail a slippery slope all the way to legally sanctioned polygamy? That wouldn't be such a terrible thing, he insists, and it is all the more reason to support the idea of getting government out of the business of picking moral favorites among the varieties of human bonding. Let consenting adults form the unions they wish to form, he says, and let the law adapt, not the other way around. I have said the very same, and on Valentine's Day no less.

Benjamin Wittes might have benefitted from Blackford's insights, but alas, argues that the ruling goes too far by granting "marriage" per se to relationships many people find objectionable. He would prefer that gays content themselves with "civil unions" and let the heterosexuals maintain their state-granted monopoly on the word "marriage." Andrew Sullivan bristles at this suggestion, finding it an invidious separate-but-equal standard lacking a basis in law or, sadly, morals -- he wants the state picking moral favorites, he just wants marriage-minded gay people to be among the favorites.

Sigh. No doubt I've canvassed but a tiny share of the tilting-at-windmills and smashing-of-icons presently clogging the internets on this lively topic.

If you don't find this topic absorbingly depressing enough, might I recommend a slight detour to the coverage of an upsurge in Yankee-style Christian fundamentalism in Britain over at Obscene Desserts?

Happy Wednesday! Hide the knives.

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