Thursday, May 15, 2008

When your friends die off, what is the proper album cover?

Music fans of the 1960s and 1970s could not have known how lucky they were to be able to walk into a music store and pick through shelf after shelf of album covers like this one.

This man is sad because his friends are dead. Don't be fooled by the festive white footwear, white shirt, white tie, and carefully slicked hair -- you can see the sadness in his face. He's so sad about it that he put his feelings to song, and not willing to let go of the feeling even for the briefest moment, he staged a photo of himself kneeling before the grave of one or more of his dead friends while gripping either the Bible or Mao's Little Red Book (I can't tell). Then he featured that photo on the cover of his album full of songs bemoaning all his dead friends.

The title he gave to the album? "All My Friends Are Dead."

This is just one of the candidates for worst album covers of all time. And it's probably not even the worst.

(H/T ZehnKatzen Times)


mikesdak said...

I would guess that his friends are dead because they felt it would be a sweet relief from his presence.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

They certainly need an escape from that horrid design and typography. Every time I look at that color combination and that hole (large enough to drop a casket in) between the words "my' and "friends".

Also, "Freddie Gage" sounds like the name of a serial killer somehow. Which would explain the title.

Dale said...

Mike, SJKP: "All My Friends Are Dead." I can't help but admire the starkness of it. Someone needs to name a blog, a cat, and a punk band "All My Friends Are Dead."

"All My Friends Are Dead." Can the singer-songwriter, the serial killer Freddie Gage, be saying anything other than "I myself am about to die, and I am going out with drama?"

Don't fuck with me, it seems to say: "All My Friends Are Dead."