Friday, June 27, 2008

As from a Poorly-Written Screenplay About Hypocrisy

Senators David Vitter and Larry Craig are sponsoring a "Marriage Protection" Constitutional Amendment designed to protect marriage from closeted self-hating homosexuals, lying moralistic hypocrites, and gay people.

Yes, this is the same David "I pay for it" Vitter who so famously loves the whores. But he's sorry or whatever, and he dragged his wife and Jesus (not pictured) to the press conference to show just how much. He's sorry or whatever, but not sorry-or-whatever enough to decriminalize what he did, and not sorry-or-whatever enough to plead guilty and accept the legal punishments.

And yes, this is the same Larry "Wide Stance" Craig who solicited anonymous gay sex in an airport restroom in Minnesota, for which he plead guilty and then tried to change to innocent, in response to which he claimed he'd leave the Senate by October 1, 2007. He's still there, and -- let's say it all together: he is not gay, he has never been gay, as he all but screamed in a press conference to which he dragged his wife and Jesus (not pictured).

Surely a better screenwriter can be found. I'm all for suspending disbelief in the service of letting the spectacle take shape, but really this stretches things too far.

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Mike said...

It really is almost a form of split personality, an inability to reconcile natural personal feelings and behavior with learned norms. They act like it was someone else who engaged in those activities, and are apparently oblivious to the ridicule they continue to bring on themselves.