Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bad Days

Some mornings, you forget your keys, trip over the cat, or match a blue sock with a black one. And some mornings feature incidents like these if you're Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Moseley and Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne:

In one, a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and flown across the country without anyone realizing nuclear weapons were aboard.

In the other, four electrical fuses for ballistic missile warheads were mistakenly sent to Taiwan in the place of helicopter batteries.

Oh well. Now that these two wacky bumblers are out of command, we can expect to read their courageous book-length exposes of the Bush administration's lies, distortions, and abuses of power. We already can't see the top of the stack of books and reports detailing all that, so adding a couple more can't hurt.

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