Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Corollary About Opiates

Expanding a little on the previous post:

If it became the case that MAX riders were found to be systematically neglecting hygiene, exercise, fashion, make-up, and other aspects of personal appearance in the light of and resulting from a consoling overestimation of their attractiveness, and if the neglect were starting to have real-MAX consequences -- powerful stench, the ground littered with the glass shards of broken mirrors, the spectre of depopulation as people see the humans on the MAX and renounce sex -- then it would become necessary to escalate the criticism.

This would set the stage for some Harris-Hitchens-Dawkins-style inveighing against the propriety of assuming attractiveness; this is when someone would justifiably step in and insist that, contrary to cherished assumptions (assumptions that play no small part in getting people through the day), it is not good enough merely take one's attractiveness on faith.

It may not be kind to say so, but not being unspeakably ugly takes work, not wishes.

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