Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grover Norquist: Herbert Spencer without the book learning

Anti-taxation whiner Grover Norquist called Barack Obama "John Kerry with a tan", and I gather that strikes some as racist.

I'm not sure it's racist. It's true that he felt it necessary to call out Obama's skin color; he might have declared Obama "John Kerry with a better speech" or "John Kerry four years later," but he didn't. He didn't impute shortcomings to Obama based on his skin color. I expect we'll see plenty of unalloyed racism from Wide Stance troglodytes as the election season presses forward and the whisper campaign gets louder. This borderline quip will be far surpassed.

The real scandal is that Grover Norquist and the Social Darwinism he promotes are as prominent and "respectable" as they are.

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