Monday, June 2, 2008

Hell Wants Me!

I am well into the double digits by this accounting of Offenses Against God, if all of one's lifetime achievements can be counted.

"Sports Fans" is clearly the teaser. That's the one the sign-wielder is hoping you'll see and ask, "why sports fans?" At which point the sign-wielder will cite one or another Bible verse that he interprets to mean that sports fans are doomed in the eyes of his favorite god. Whatever. I don't give a crap.

But whoremonger --- there's one to ponder. I'm not sure about whoremonger. I don't "use" whores in the standard sense, but I do appreciate different varieties of whores, and even within particular classifications of whores, I appreciate them in different ways. Have I mongered thereby?

Also, I did very poorly indeed on the so-called good person test. And you?

(H/T Pharyngula)


mikesdak said...

Including sports fans is interesting. As I recall Jerry Falwell was a big sports fan, and made sure his Liberty University had a competent athletic program.

Merriam-Webster defines whoremonger as "a man consorting with whores or given to lechery". I think that could have been lumped under fornicators,but then the sign would have been uneven.

I also would have thought the signmaker could have worked murderers in somewhere, but that would have made that next abortion clinic bombing a bit awkward.

Laura said...

It all breaks down on this question:

But, if you knew a human judge who would not punish a guilty rapist for his crimes, would you describe him as a just judge??

No, He would be a corrupt judge.

God could never be a corrupt judge.

Because of His holiness and justice, he must judge sin.

This compares God--omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent--with a human judge. And the only reason I bother to respond to this "test" is because there are many people (probably not that many who read your blog, but still, just in case) who will be frightened and intimidated by this manipulative attempt to return them to "the faith."

Once again, scare tactics to control the masses. Shameful.

Dale said...

Mike, yep, Liberty U. has lots of sports teams.

Laura, fair enough. For me, it collapses well before that. If Jesus is willing to throw me into hell for not pretending to feel badly about the fact that I've fantasized about women with whom I am not legally married, then that's all I need to know about Jesus. If someone wants to call that sort of crime-and-punishment scheme "just," they can, but I think they're just pretending. No thanks. I'll find something better to pretend about.