Saturday, June 14, 2008

Helvetia Half 2008: The Half-Bloodening

A little earlier today I added a fresh new blood spot to one of my running shirts by completing the Helvetia Half Marathon in a time of 1:35:12 (official results).

As always with running-induced nipple bleedings, I didn't even realize I had lost a gallon or two of blood (approximate; official amount not measured) until someone pointed out the stain on the shirt. I'd say that makes me a bad-ass if I thought it would make this blog post any more interesting.

It was a lovely course over rolling hills in a surprisingly rural section of greater Portland's western edge, all the more lovely for the almost perfect weather: 50's, sunny, slight wind. For this event, runners get a semblance of the Olympic experience of finishing the race in a sports stadium complete with stands and a public announcer. That was cool, although I have to admit that as I approached the finish line I was preoccupied with my left calf's desire to cramp. And groggy from the terrible, terrible loss of blood that would have killed a lesser blogger-runner.

Kudos to the runwithpaula people and volunteers, who did an excellent job of organizing. They give great race event.

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