Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jesus Probably Rode Dinosaurs

What else do you need to know? Jesus probably rode dinosaurs.

Did he ever take off that white robe and those sandals? Did he have a change of clothes of any sort?

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mikesdak said...

They don't seem to realize how badly they shoot themselves in the foot with this junk. The kids who had that coloring book will find out it was a load of dinosaur manure and completely write off that church, which may be a good idea but is not exactly what the coloring book producers have in mind.

- D said...

Dale, I'm a faithful reader. And while I didn't vote I thought Columbo might have been a good alternative for your cat's name.

Many times, I've thought about posting a comment, this post has driven me to action.

And to say out loud...what the fuck?!

Dale said...

Thanks for the comment and for stopping by, -d. As for your question, I have the only answer worthy of the question: Jesus probably rode dinosaurs.

I think the white robe and sandals make for terrible dinosaur-riding clothes, but it doesn't change the fact, if it is a fact, that Jesus probably rode dinosaurs.

Martin R. said...

This is truly hilarious, though I suspect it is a hoax rather than an extract from a genuine colouring book. I do hope it is a hoax because, if this is a genuine proposition, there are some wildly unhinged people out there.

I do like the colouring hints, though. I'm pretty sure most art supply shops would have little trouble in supporting a request for a tube of Flesh of Christ acrylic paint or a bucket of Omnipotent Yellow. It must be the sale of such colours that keeps these stores going in this hard economic climate.

Dale said...

Martin, I would like to believe no one really tries to make children believe Jesus probably rode dinosaurs.