Saturday, June 7, 2008

O Neko, Where Art Thou?

Where is Neko Case? News is sparse and I am getting antsy.

Supposedly, there was to be a new solo album released in 2008, but half of 2008 is over and there's no new solo record. In fact it has dropped off the list of forthcoming releases at metacritic.

In April, she dropped out of touring with The New Pornographers after fracturing her ankle in Washington, DC. Ouch.

A couple of her songs came across my iPod this morning and it struck me with unusual force just how much her music stands above almost everything else. Various combinations of her songs have been in my heavy rotation for two solid years, an eternity in pop music terms; I can't even count the acts that have entered and left the rotation over the same period.

Sigh. Wherever you are, Neko, please come back, and bring a new record with you.


Brad said...

Neko is scheduled to play at the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks, Denver, in September.

Do I have tickets? Why, yes I do!

Dale said...

I see she's down for Bumbershoot in Seattle in August. That'll get me to go -- I just hope she actually shows.

This broken foot thing has me worried. Not the foot itself -- no, it sounds like one of those polite excuses one makes for a rock star who is actually in a state of constant fighting-drunk and can no longer meet even the minimal standarsd of rock star tour decorum.

I worry the world will discover her dead on a toilet. Or in one.