Sunday, June 15, 2008

Odd Flyovers

As I was running the Helvetia Half yesterday, a B-17 flew over. I know! I was at least as aghast and surprised and skeptical as you are! But it happened.

It looked a lot like the one pictured here, although I was seeing it from below rather than from above; I was somewhere around mile 10 when I saw it, so I could not rule out hallucination as the source of the vision, but I know my WWII-era aircraft and trust that hallucinations, should I have them, will produce something better than this.

The B-17 I saw must have been the one referenced in this news story, which also states the plane is only one of a dozen of its kind that still flies.

It was quite a thing to see, but the sound was more noticeable. A fleet of these in formation must have made a truly horrifying din, all the more, of course, if you were one of the Germans foreseeably on the receiving end of the bombs it was flying over to deliver.

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