Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Of Bunnies, Sunshine, and Narcolepsy

Do you ever wonder why your narcoleptic friend isn't the most cheerful, chipper, sunny presence in the room? I would like to suggest that it has to do with a line this disorder continuously blurs between the thought "I am sleepy" and the thought "there is nothing worth being awake for." It's easy enough to recognize, on a conscious level, that these aren't the same responses, not reflective of the same inward or outward reality; but the conscious separation of them is yet one more thing requiring precisely what the narcoleptic finds in short supply -- the energy to push back, the refusal to give in and fade out.


Laura said...

I often have the thought "there is nothing worth being awake for," and then my eyes glaze over, my mind wanders, but I'm awake. It's just that I wonder why (never while reading your blog, though).

This recently happened when I was in a group of moms who babbled on about...well...whatever it was they babbled about: shoes, makeup, hair salons, the fabulous mega-purchase they made at Costco. Last time I was paying attention, that was pretty much it.

So, I sort-of know how you feel.

Dale said...

Laura, I think it's a depressive thought pattern, and lots of people -- maybe most people, maybe even all people -- are subject to that. I certainly am. In fact, I am not sure in my own case where to draw the line between narcolepsy and depression. Narcolepsy just adds a few big bricks to that same and very common weight.

Anyway, thanks for listening.