Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reading Failures

Encountering an instance in which praying for gays is declared "really inimical to the teachings of the Catholic church," Andrew Sullivan huffs:

The point of the Church, apparently, is to encourage gay people to feel shame and to deny even the validity of our identity. Note that this isn't about sex; it's about marginalizing a group already marginalized. Sometimes you wonder whether the Catholic hierarchy have ever read the Gospels.
Actually, no -- I don't, either sometimes or always, wonder if the Catholic hierarchy has been reading the Gospels. I'm quite sure they have been sideburns-deep in the Gospels and related twaddle for centuries.

Their failure is not a failure of reading or even of interpretation but a failure to recognize hateful, baseless bullshit when they read it; or a failure of the courage required to acknowledge bullshit as such, even when rendered in Latin or red typeface.

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