Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

No, I shall not: this afternoon, it's 49 degrees, cloudy, and misty here in Portland, and fresh snow is falling in the mountains.

It is June, right? And Oregon is still in the northern hemisphere, yes?

Note I am not complaining; I have no problem with this weather. But Karl Rove's Ghost! We're ten days from summer!

(KATU photo)


Bpaul said...

You know, in it's time I don't have a problem with this weather. But, this week of finals, the long hours of studying -- I'm over it I tell you. Over it.

Especially the temperature plunge, had to wear a scarf today for crissakes. WTF.

Bring the sun.


Dale said...

True. I don't want this stuff every day. In fact, I'll be complaining about it by Thursday if it keeps up. But for now, looking at what they're facing in the midwest (floods) and the east (major heat), I'm of a mood to issue a non-complaint about our November-in-June.