Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shreveport by the Warming Glow of Ignorance

Ah, Shreveport -- heart of the Ark-La-Tex, armpit of dogpatch. Knowing Shreveport as I do, it does not suprise me that they've held a good old fashioned book-burnin' there. No, it only surprises me that it was remarkable enough to make the news:

About 30 people gathered for a regional revival Friday night that included a book burning as a statement to reach out to local residents.

"It is allowed for Harry Potter to be taught in our schools, but not the Bible," International House of Prayer pastor James Crawford said during the Shreveport Regional Unity of Faith Revival.

That is one reason pastors from several denominations and races ripped pages from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Those and pages from a pornographic magazine were put into a burn pit and set afire as praises bellowed from the congregation.

"As I tore the pages, I felt a generational curse of immorality and perversion breaking off my family," Adriane Banks said. "I felt it."
I felt something too -- when I read International House of Prayer, and then re-read it, I realized they go to church at IHOP. Were buckwheat pancakes cooked by the heat of the burning books? And were they any good? Was fresh-squeezed Sunny-D served? Did they get those little packets of jelly?
The ministers also have been fasting for three days and have monthly revival meetings.

"We need healing. We've got pornography, abortion, murder, violence on the rise in Shreveport," Crawford said. "The focus is making sure we can do everything we can for our city as ministers."
There you have it: everything they can do for the city is a) three-day fasts b) monthly revival meetings and c) book-burnings. I could not have expressed the ministers' utter uselessness to the city any more plainly than that.

(H/T Ed Brayton)


Martin R. said...

I can't help but think that the burning of the Harry the Potter books is nothing but a good thing. More people should do it. Although not, I should add, for the moronic thinking that seems to pass for reason in Shreveport. They are clearly deluded.

Dale said...

Martin, I agree completely. There is nothing inherently wrong with burning Harry Potter books -- in fact, there are good arguments for doing just that. In these times of high fuel prices, burning the Harry Potter books can heat the home while ridding it of something not worth reading -- truly a win-win.

But yes, these troglodytes in Shreveport have entirely different motives.