Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Eye-Candy: Air-Diving Rays

From the perspective of the rays, propelling themselves into the air from the water must be akin to diving.

(H/T Deep Sea News)


Bpaul said...

This is a rare classification of animal behavior that I, as a trained biologist, like to call "fucking about."


There might be some beneficial reverence (skin parasites can be knocked off by the impact back with the water), but I do like to think they're just doing it because they can.

Cool footage.


Dale said...

I'm with you, bpaul. I want to believe the rays are just having fun. The way the one suddenly turns and heads to the surface seems to say, "Hey, watch this!"

Bpaul said...


Oh and reverence = relevance above, darned no-edit comments

Laura said...

With enough velocity and a strong wind, I can easily picture them flapping their wings and taking off. But I can picture a lot of things...

Dale said...

Alas, we go to the seas with the rays we have, not with the rays we wish we had. Then again, if the rays found some low-flying birds above the surface, who knows? Maybe a Darwinian advantage would go to the rays that could chase them down best. After a while we might have true flying rays.

I want true flying rays.