Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Finally there's a reason to enter Starbucks and spend a little money! For some reason, Sonic Youth is selling a compilation through Starbucks franchises, featuring songs selected by famous people:

01 Bull in the Heather [selected by Catherine Keener]
02 Sugar Kane [selected by Beck]
03 100% [selected by Mike D]
04 Kool Thing [selected by Radiohead]
05 Disappearer [selected by Portia de Rossi]
06 Superstar [selected by Diablo Cody]
07 Stones [selected by Allison Anders]
08 Tuff Gnarl [selected by Dave Eggers and Mike Watt]
09 Teenage Riot [selected Eddie Vedder]
10 Shadow of a Doubt [selected by Michelle Williams]
11 Rain on Tin [selected by Flea]
12 Tom Violence [selected by Gus Van Sant]
13 Mary-Christ [selected by David Cross]
14 World Looks Red [selected by Chloë Sevigny]
15 Expressway to Yr Skull [selected by the Flaming Lips]
16 Slow Revolution [exclusive]
Well done, David Cross. "Mary-Christ" is a severely underappreciated song. The youtubes love it!

No one picked "Theresa's Sound World" or "No Queen Blues" or "Karen Koltrane"? Damn these celebrity phonies! They probably buy all their Sonic Youth records at Starbucks or something. I scoff.

(via Print is Dead, via Club Troppo)

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