Sunday, June 8, 2008

Taner Edis on POI

This week's Point of Inquiry podcast features a discussion with scientist Taner Edis, author of Science and Nonbelief and contributor to The Secular Outpost blog. It's a wide-ranging discussion that covers a lot of interesting ground, not least being a brief canvassing of current hypotheses about the evolutionary origins of religious belief.

Along the way, Edis makes the claim that there is no common element by which all the many forms of pseudoscience might be identified -- that there is no firm, finite set of criteria that can place a candidate inquiry on one or the other side of the science/non-science boundary. He didn't mention Popperian falsifiability by name, but it follows from this statement that he harbors doubts about this standard. I wish the conversation had explored this matter in greater depth, but I suppose that's what books (and blogs) are for.

Do check out the podcast. It's worth a listen.

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