Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things Renounceable

  • Moments ago, in the course of an interview with Ryan Crocker on CNN, Candy Crowley just used the word "irregardless" where she meant "regardless." People who make this mistake, let alone on tee-vee, should be renounced.
  • The internets have made yet one more thing easier and faster: apostasy! Click here to Renounce Your Religion.


mikesdak said...

Hmm...once again you stimulate thought,Dale. This reminded me of my friend the Episcopal heretic and led to a brief investigation that produced this from Wikpedia...
Unlike apostasy, heresy is the rejection or corruption of certain doctrines, not the complete abandonment of one's religion. Heretics claim to still be following a religion (or to be the "true followers"), whereas apostates reject it entirely.
As I recall my friend doesn't still follow Episcopal doctrine, so he's both a heretic (by church decree) and an apostate!

Dale said...

Mike, I congratulate your friend on an excellent two-fer!

I'm an apostate of a vague sort of feel-good Christianity, some of which took place in a Methodist church. I also had a cup of tea with Lutheranism and there's even a vague whiff of Judaism somewhere back there.

I'm a heretic with respect to all those creeds and every other faith system that bothers to have a doctrine.