Monday, June 23, 2008

Twenty Years: Still Too Soon

I can't believe it's been twenty years since my high school graduation because I would expect the freshness and pain of the memories to have abated over that length of years. Alas, my desire not to be anywhere near Ponca City is as strong as it was throughout the late 1980s, so I will not be attending the 20-year reunion hootenanny.

I appreciate the work and effort that the organizers -- Deanna, Jennifer, Cherish, Johnny, Randy, others -- have evidently put into it. I can see how thankless an effort that must be, only to have twits like me not even bother to show up.

I have appointed Kurt I. and Devan P. as my spokesmodels. They will speak for me on all matters, including but not limited to details of my personal history that have unfolded since we last parted ways on the fruited plain. If they don't know an answer, I trust them to make up something interesting, and I hope they'll represent me well in my knack for managing to mention that I ran the Boston Marathon this year (I can work that into any given conversation within about 35 seconds).

That said, no matter what Kurt or Devan say, the answer to all questions amounting to requests for money is no.

I feel genuine regret over skipping a chance to renew acquaintances with all several of you. Like a latter-day Tom Joad, whenever someone makes an awkward, conversation-killing remark, I'll be there; whenever someone seems even uglier and more boring than you remember, I'll be there; whenever a group of people eyes the last can of beer, none wanting to be the jerk who grabs it, but each wanting it, I'll be there; whenever someone inserts himself into a high school memory in which he played no actual part, I'll be there, too.

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Bpaul said...

Wow, we are of the same generation -- exactly.

I just passed up mine as well.

Here here,


Dale said...

Yep, bpaul, I guess we're the same magnitude of geezer. I don't know if this revelation made me seem younger or older to you (and I'm not sure I want to know), but either way, the facts is the facts.

Bpaul said...

Neither older nor younger occurred to me, honestly.

We're timeless, maan. (coughs loudly)

Mike said...

OK, you two.....I'll make you feel better. My 30th reunion is in 2 years.

At a recent visit to a casino I was given a Senior Citizen's discount(which I am too young to get) without any request for age verification, and this Father's Day my wife's granddaughters presented me with a "World's Greatest Grandpa" cap/t-shirt set.

On the other hand,when I accompanied my wife to a recent doctor's visit, the doctor turned to me and asked "So,how much younger are you?" The answer is 4 years, but his automatic assumption was a source of chagrin to my wife, who spends good money on chemicals to pour into her head to keep her hair gray-free.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Your ongoing negative obsession on Pocna City (the variant spelling is meant to reduce its evil influence on reality by corrupting its Real Name ... or maybe I'm just a lazy typist tonight) is beginning to concern me a bit (well at least as much as someone who is a blog acquaintance (and thankful for this!) can be concerned).

I have made peace with the fact that I was born and wasted my childhood in Silverton, which is kind of the Ponca City of the mid-Wilamette Valley. Is Ponca City OK that high of a heap of suck? Has God, in fact created a heap of suck here so big that He cannot in fact lift it? ;-)

As Spock once said to McCoy, "You should beware of your passions. They will be your undoing."

Or maybe that was Hegel to Neitsche. I frequently confuse them.

Anonymous said...

Kurt and I will be happy to update our fellow classmates on your life since you left our beloved alma mater. I will be highlighting your new entrepreneurial pursuits as a religious broadcaster: -DP

Dale said...

Thanks, DP. I was hoping to keep that new career under wraps for a while longer (and manufacture a dramatic conversion here on the blog) but this is fine. Whatever works.

I love my hair and 'stache over on that web site.

And oh, I probably should have told you and Kurt that you were my spokesmodels before revealing it online to a potential worldwide audience (actual six-person audience).


Anonymous said...

I will not go!!!

Dale said...

Stand strong, Shane. No one can make you go.

Anonymous said...

Hootenanny photos now available:

Dale said...

Anon., true! Some look exactly as I remember them. Others .... um ....