Wednesday, June 18, 2008

World's Funniest Kangaroo Attack Videos

Count no male kangaroo happy unless he's kicking the crap out of another male kangaroo:

Hey! Let's put a kangaroo on live tee-vee and give it some boxing gloves! What's the worst that could happen?

Not even the forbidding background music and extensive injury report can make the giggling stop over this one:


mikesdak said...

I saw the second video at Andrew Sullivan's blog,and it is hilarious. I thought the tall guy was a serious wimp, standing there like an idiot and/or running away while the woman was being attacked.

I must say I wondered why no one socked the kangaroo in the nose; they had plenty of chances.

Jeremy said...

The classic kangaroo vs TV fuckwits clip is Rags vs Marty the Monster from the 1980s "Early Bird Show" on Channel Ten -

Dale said...

Mike, Jeremy, I'm finding there's no end to the riches of kangaroo maul videos on youtube.

Thank gawd for the internets.