Sunday, June 8, 2008

WWJD? Clone!

The June/July 2008 edition of Free Inquiry includes an interesting piece by Edward King, "A Christian Perspective in Support of Stem Cell Research and Cloning," which follows the Biblical god's demand "to be fruitful and multiply" to its logical conclusion:

This direct command does not limit by what means humans are to multiply. Christians believe their god created humans without engaging in sexual intercourse, so arguably, neither should Christians. This is a chain of reasoning that Christians can only escape by claiming to know intuitively (that is, through faith) that cloning is wrong. Balanced against a direct, unambiguous command from God ("be fruitful and multiply"), there can be no doubt that Christians should firmly support the cloning of human beings.
The people wearing those "WWJD" slogans on their t-shirts, trucker caps, and bumper stickers need to stop copulating and start flooding the world with human clones -- but only if they're serious about what they say they believe.

I'm not sure what I think about cloning humans, but I'm quite sure that "be fruitful and multiply" is an abysmal piece of advice -- arguably the single worst piece of advice in the annals of advice. As I don't care what the Bible's god character wants, his demand that I give up sex and clone 'til I drop is just more white noise.


mikesdak said...

I find the whole thing rather amusing; more evidence that you can find Biblical support for just about anything if you look hard enough and read it a certain way.
Anything that causes fighting among fundamentalist Christians is fine with me.

Laura said...

Mike, so true about finding biblical support...and if there's a way to divide and conquer fundamentalists, I'm all for it.

Dale, I think "be fruitful and multiply" was good advice back in the day when leaders (a/k/a god) needed more males in their tribes as soldiers fighting to protect their land. But you're right; it's no longer good advice, especially given the problem of over-population, and the reality that kids become teenagers. Anyone who can survive the teen years and still wants to have more kids has earned the right (or has a really bad memory).

Dale said...

Laura, I see your point -- there was a time and a place for "be fruitful and multiply."

Mike, huzzah to anything that exposes the absurdity.