Monday, July 14, 2008

Adaptation and Circumstances

At Obsidian Wings, publius chooses an interesting way to frame the cluelessness of the John McSame presidential campaign:

Greater scrutiny would not only have exposed his weaknesses, but it would have forced him to adapt and become a more disciplined candidate ... [I]t was the GOP’s winner-take-all rules that allowed McCain to close rapidly and wrap it up early. Imagine how things might have been different if the GOP had instead adopted proportional delegate rules. McCain and Romney and Huckabee would have slogged it out month after month. It wouldn’t have been pretty, but it would have forced McCain to become a better, more disciplined candidate. [emphases mine]
But to extend the evolution metaphor, no amount of survival pressure can force an organism to exhibit novel traits. The traits need to be present in the first place, whereas John McSame may not be capable of a more disciplined campaign, whatever the forces to which he is subject. While he's been a bit player on the stage of American politics for as long as I've been watching it, this is my first prolonged exposure to him, and I've been surprised at how dotty he is, even by the low everyday standards of the Wide Stance party. Publius:
Watching the GOP debates ... was like watching some scene out of Idiocracy. There was no demand for serious policy development ... Instead, the GOP primary focused on the relative degree of one’s surrender monkey-ness and Latino-hatred -- with Ron Paul thrown in as a Shakespearian jester, drawing attention to the whole thing’s utter absurdity.
McSame's principle trait -- the thing that keeps his political survival a going prospect -- is the love and affection he consistently inspires among Beltway journalists. Without that, he's a dodo.

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