Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Fly, Small Bread

It's as true today as it was during WWII -- that housefly isn't just dancing a happy jig on your sandwich, he's spreading germs. Germs! Germs that could make you throw up the sandwich! Or on the sandwich!

It would surprise me if anyone ever thought that houseflies were good on sandwiches, but I've been suprised before. For example, I'm surprised this old-timey public health poster was reprinted in Newsweek, since the last thing I'd expect to find in a copy of Newsweek is something worth reading. Go figure.

(H/T 3 Quarks Daily)

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Mike said...

Dale, if you like old stuff like that, go to He has scanned in old matchbooks, comics, motel postcards,etc. As he says, "you can waste a lot of time here"