Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bird Drama!

I came home today to find the cats stunned and two birds -- these two birds -- flopping against the windows trying desperately to escape to the open sky, but apparently unfamiliar with the whole glass concept.

From the evidence of scattered ash around the fireplace, I deduce they got in the house via the chimney. Fortunately they stayed clear of the cats, but their many attempts to fly through the glass left it with a fresh set of bird panic scratches.

Getting them out of the house wasn't as easy as opening the front and back door. Oh no, not these not-very-bright not-quite-robin not-quite-starling birds (can anyone identify the breed of bird?). They were committed to flinging themselves against the windows and didn't see the point in flying toward any other source of sunlight. My son and I eventually shooed one of them into the hallway and then all but shoved it out the back door, but the other -- the one shown on the left -- was not willing to give up on the window no matter how much we shooed, begged, reasoned, and insulted.

I had to resort to draping a towel over the poor thing and grabbing her, which unexpectedly calmed her down. I carried her to the door and set her free to find a newer, better chimney to explore.

It was awesome. The cats will be reliving this day for the rest of their lives.

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