Thursday, July 17, 2008

Disgraces Large and Small

Disgrace number one, a large one, comes from former attorney general John Ashcroft, who testified to Congress today:

"The Department of Justice has on a consistent basis over the last half dozen years or so, over and over again in its evaluations, come to the conclusion that under the law in existence during my time as attorney general, waterboarding did not constitute torture."

Waters asked Ashcroft if such techniques would be regarded as "totally unacceptable and even criminal" if they were used on American soldiers.

"Well, my subscription to these memos, and my belief that the law provides the basis for these memos persisted even in the presence of my son serving two tours of duty overseas in the Gulf area as a member of our armed forces," Ashcroft said. [emphasis mine]
Isn't it precious how Ashcroft cites "the last half dozen years" of precedent on this question -- exactly the same half dozen years when depraved hacks like him have been issuing torture-supporting wide legal stances -- and not, say, the four-hundred years leading up to that, during which no one this side of Pol Pot or Hitler doubted that waterboarding is torture?

But worry not -- Ashcroft embraces waterboarding even though his own son is in the military. Since John Ashcroft has a family member in the military, he can define war crimes any way he pleases. Now that's a standard that any civilized, law-bound nation state should be proud follow: round up someone with a family member in the military, and treat their pronouncements about the conduct of war as legally binding.

A smaller disgrace comes from Gramps McSame, who is receiving Social Security payments. We should perhaps forgive a very, very old man who doesn't give a damn about the matter in the first place for failing to recall that just a few days ago, he declared Social Security a "disgrace." Did you realize that currently-working workers are funding retirees under this insane scheme? If you did realize that, but didn't realize that currently-driving drivers are funding current auto insurance claims and that currently-well healthy people are funding current health insurance claims (etc.), then you might do well to contact the McSame campaign and apply for a Budget Fairy opening. They like the way you think, such as it is.


Dr. Ted Baehr said...

Jonny Ashcroft just volunteered himself to be waterboarded on national TV, then? Put his money where his gagged mouth is.

Dale said...

Dr Ted, I don't do much pay-per-view, but I'd pay to see that. I'd be disgusted, but I'd watch. Maybe someone would learn something.


Thanks for stopping by.

Dan said...

Ashcroft's argument to defend waterboarding is probably due to this being a "NEW KIND OF WAR."
This is precisely what has gotten the Bush administration out of the Geneva Convention, and created the "go it alone" policy around the United Nations. It is terribly unfortunate that these people have lived by this policy, were entirely consumed by the monster that they have created, and must now go down with defending it.
Their time will soon be at and end, and they will grit their teeth until all of their teeth fall out of their head when they witness the first African American President enter the White House.