Monday, July 21, 2008

Foul Fowl

The negative representations of pigeons -- winged rats, gutter birds, trash birds, etc. -- rest, it seems to me, on a combination of overfamiliarity with pigeons and an underfamiliarity with non-pigeon birds. Have you ever took the time to watch your typical lark, woodpecker, sparrow, or jay? They're not exactly Winged Fastidiousness in hygiene or diet. They don't wash with soap or listen to Bach; they swallow worms, lice, grubs, and termites, and clean themselves in a puddle. Their entire lives are episodes of Fear Factor without the boring parts.

The idea of re-branding pigeons as the next white meat may still be asking too much. People who eat meat seem to want to eat the really, really clean animals -- you know, chickens and crabs and such.

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