Sunday, July 6, 2008

High Summer in Lincoln City

The sun was nowhere to be seen over the 4th of July in Lincoln City, but I think the sun is overrated anyway. I'd rather stare at the sea even if I have to do so through a scroll of fog and mist.


A few miles south in Newport, the skies were even soupier.



I'll be picking sand out of crevices for the next several days, but it was totally worth it.


Martin R. said...

Ah, the sea is fascinating in all weathers. I particularly like it when there is more cloud than sun and there's a brisk breeze blowing, a deserted beach, no one else in sight. I liked the photographs here also - the composition on numbers 3 and 5 is particularly pleasing.

Dale said...

Thanks, Martin. I sometimes blunder into taking a nice photo or two. In this case the setting makes it pretty easy.