Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Impromptu Speedwork

What the deuce?!?! I went out for a pleasant run only to find that a woman -- a mere girl! -- was running by me at a much faster pace, so I undertook to match her pace for the remaining 2.5 miles of the run. I fully expected to overtake her, but no, not this mere girl. She stayed well ahead of me and, if I'm honest, gradually expanded her lead, even as I ran at dammnear 100% effort.

Hats off to you, speedy woman. You are a faster runner than I am, and I should thank you for a good long fartlek -- and for that matter, for giving me an excuse to use the word fartlek.

Note that all this mere girl stuff is in jest. An online survey thingy proves I believe in the radical idea that women are people, an idea sometimes labeled feminism.


Mike said...

Thsi has nothing to do with the topic,Dale. I just had to say that Jeri Ryan was on a Two and a Half Men that just aired here, and she was wearing a long,black sherr nightgown.

Aimee Brons said...
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mike said...

aimee,I didn't mean to sound neanderthal. I just happen to know that Dale is a big Jeri Ryan fan.

Dale said...

I am a fan of Jeri Ryan, and why not? She portrayed the most compelling Seven of Nine ever to make the small screen.

Sis B said...

i have an unnatural affection for the word "fartlek".

and seven of nine is hawt.