Thursday, July 3, 2008

Into the Sea

Activity on this precious, precious blog will slow, and may even stop, for the next few days as the whole family (Marla, the twins, my son, my wife, Aunt Ginny, Patty-Sue, Ned, JJ, Cabbage, Wilbur, Pogo, Gena, and Ol' Red) are piling into the jalopy and heading to the Oregon coast. We regret that we won't be here to watch the neighbors burn down our house with their too-enthusiastic displays of illegal holiday fireworks, but the sea beckons.

It's possible there will be access to the internets at our destination, but not likely. I don't think they have the internets on the Oregon coast yet; it's such an enchanting and beautiful place that they've never had to bother. Or so I assume.

I hope to return with stunning photos and stirring tales of sharks, skates, sponges, sea snakes, shipwreck survivals, singing sirens, shifting sands, salty shanties, scenic sunrises, and possibly a few things that don't start with s.


Laura said...

Sounds sensational! Stay safe...and have fun.

Domestically Challenged said...

Hehehehe, have a blast!!! I don't envy you that traffic jam!