Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McSame: After W's Fans in a Big Way

John McSame isn't content to win Bush supporters merely by marching in lockstep with Bush on every significant policy question. Now he's hard at work showing his rank incompetence, the unstinting appreciation of which separates the sunshine Bushy from the authentic dead-ender class of Bushy that now approaches 30% of the American electorate in some polls.

Another mention of Czechoslovakia? More ruminations on the challenges along the Iraq-Pakistan border? More Sunni-Shia confusion? No.

The comments filtering on McSame's web site is a small but elegant demonstration of McSame's ability to match Bush's uncanny fuck-up-everything-he-touches quality:

Apparently, any word containing combinations of letters like 'net' or 'org' or 'gov' gets rejected. Likewise: "Just to add a couple more that trip the filter: words that contain the three letters such as in com.p.a.s.s as well as anything requiring an .a.n.a.l.ysis." This leads to considerable frustration ...
Yea, frustrated like a fox!

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